Knit Hats

Knit Hats

Welcome to the knit hats section of our website.  In this area you will find an assortment of resources regarding knitted hats.
Knit Chemotherapy Hats for Cancer Patients : You can help cancer patients deal with chemotherapy hair loss by knitting chemo caps.
Men's Winter Knit Hats at REI
Knit Hats at Shopstyle  (maybe create affiliat link)
Knit Hat Reviews at Ebay 
Muppet Knit Hats
Knit Hats at Zappos 
Knit Hats at Overstock

Penfield Penfield are one of the biggest brands in knit hats, check out their selection on the Union Clothing website.

panda knit hatYou may want to also check the hat guide section on Apparel Search.  From there, you can research knit headwear from the men's hat guide, women's hat guide, and children's hat guide section.
If you know of any additional resources that should be added to this knit hat guide, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Learn more about knit hats and headwear that is knitted from the links below:

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Knit Hats Patterns
How to Knit Hats


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