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As you may already be aware, baseball hats have transcended well beyond simply being utilized for baseball.  In addition, this type of headwear is no longer used simply to keep the sun out of ones eyes.  Baseball hats are now worn as "fashion" accessories and not simply for function.

According to Wikipedia, "A baseball cap is a type of soft cap with a long, stiff brim that may either be curved or flat. The front of the cap typically contains designs or logos of sports teams (namely baseball teams). The back of the cap may be "fitted" to the wearer's head size or it may have a plastic, Velcro, or elastic adjuster so that it can be quickly adjusted to fit different wearers. The baseball cap is a part of the traditional baseball uniform worn by players, with the brim pointing forward to shield the eyes from the sun."

This type of hat is often seen in everyday casual wear.  In fact, for the youthful population, a baseball hat is often considered an essential daily accessory.  The majority of trendy men's and boys fashion brands present baseball hats as part of their seasonal collections.  For example, here are a few fashion brands that have a significant baseball hat business: Quiksilver, Fox Racing, Vans, DC, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, and many more. 
In addition to fashion brands such as Quiksilver, baseball hats also utlize sports team logos, college logos, sorority letters, fraternity letters, novelty brands, cartoon characters, etc.  As a matter of fact, you can most likely find a baseball hat with nearly any sort of image.  If you can't find one you like, you can even buy hat blanks and embroider them with your own unique design at an embroidery shop or hat shop with embroidery equipment.
Baseball hats are often used to represent the wearers particular sense of style or preference to a particular sports team, school, activity, etc.  Baseball hats are often fashion trend driven.  What friends or celebrities are wearing may influence the color or style that the wearer may select.  My baseball hat collection is comprised of sports teams as well as fashionable caps.

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